Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 Programs - SHRDC
Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 Programs - SHRDC
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Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 Programs

Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 Programs

Kickstart 2023 with a bang!

Come and join our training programs under Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 where you will not only learn and gain competencies but also start your first step in implementing internal digitalization project(s) for your manufacturing and business operations.


Smart Factory Transformation Begins with ‘THE PEOPLE’

MBOT CPD Points up to 30 points is available for selected program.

*Please refer to our program posters below for more details*

MSF 4.0 Data Automation & Visualization Programs
• for companies that are looking at a cost effective, sustainable, scalable IOT to OEE Integration and implementation for their machines/process, these set of programs is what they are looking for!
• Learn and implement your own IOT to OEE system to generate report on a dashboard
1. Data Generation
2. Machine Data Logging & Visualization for Smart Factory
3. Data Formulation Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE(30 CPD Points each program)
MSF 4.0 Training Programs

a) Data Analytics Essential
• Accelerate your data storytelling and visualization through low code, drag and drop data analytics software to create valuable insights for your company.

b) Digital Factory Essentials for Lean – Industry 4.0
• Utilize Digital Factory Tools to enable greater potential for Lean-Industry 4.0. Learn how to replicate your manufacturing process, shopfloor, factory into digital space

c) Smart Factory Technical Overview
• Technical overview on the relevant enabling technologies in Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

d) Digital Workflow Management Essentials for Smart Factory
• Digitalize your business operations and workflow through a highly customizable and low-code development software, learn how to trace internal process digitally and create dashboard to monitor the digital workflow, suitable for companies that are looking to implement MRP, MES, or ERP to optimize their business operations.


1. Data Analytics Essentials
2. Digital Factory Essentials for Lean Industry 4.0(30 CPD Points each program)

3. Smart Factory Technical Overview: Enabling Technologies for Industry

(12 CPD Points)


For more Information, please feel free to consult with our MSF Senior Sales, Mr. Farid Aizat or WhatsApp him at

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