Malaysian Smart Factory (MSF) 4.0

Malaysian Smart Factory (MSF) 4.0

Malaysian Smart Factory (MSF) 4.0

Malaysian Smart Factory (MSF) 4.0

Malaysian Smart Factory (MSF) 4.0

Malaysian Smart Factory (MSF) 4.0

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  • Smart Factory takes existing manufacturing practices to Industry 4.0 standards: highly agile, efficient and automated production lines integrated into a smart logistics and service network
  • MSF 4.0 at SHRDC provides hands-on experience, training, technology and talent development for Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory competencies
  • Partnership between SHRDC and the Swiss Smart Factory
  • Join the MSF 4.0 Consortium at SHRDC to explore the benefits of Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory


  • Cyber-Physical Distribution System: Merging of physical and virtual world into an integrated distribution system with feedback loops from physical process to controller
  • Smart Factory: Integrated system that combines Operational Technologies, Information Technology and Digital Factory
  • Cloud Based Services: Applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from cloud server
  • Big Data Analytics: Process of examining large and varied data sets
  • Smart Operation Technology: Autonomous operation based on closed loop control, energy efficiency, and networking capabilities
  • Digital Twin: Digital replica/duplicate of physical assets, processes and systems. A ‘living’ digital simulation model where it can be used for various purposes. 
  • Digital Product Memory: Collection of information pertaining individual product from the moment of inception until it reaches the end consumer

Training Schedule

Cost fee is inclusive 6% SST

MSF 4.0 is a SHRDC partnership with the Swiss Smart Factory
delivering hands-on experience and talents for the future of manufacturing


The objective of the consortium is to accelerate human capital and technology development towards achieving Industry 4.0 in Malaysia. The stake holders consist of:
  • SHRDC as consortium manager and key talent developer
  • Swiss Smart Factory as strategic partner and advisor
  • Participating government agencies
  • Technical and higher education institutions
  • Multinational manufacturers operating in Malaysia
  • Small and medium sized enterprises
  • Industry 4.0 solution providers 

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory Training Scheme for SMEs in Selangor


  • This 10 day training and consultancy package offers participants the flexibility to choose from a series of industry 4.0
    modules that are relevant to their business improvement.
  • This training provides basic technical knowledge in Industry 4.0 implementation.
  • It also aims to guide participants to kick start their Industry 4.0 activities.
  • It provides a systematic tool and guideline designed to help companies begin their Industry 4.0 journey.

Target industry:

Manufacturing organizations

Target audience:

Industry 4.0 Implementer / Leaders, Engineering, Production and IT Managers, Decision makers

Skills area:

Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT, Mechatronics, Electrical & Electronics

Upon successful completion of training, participants will be able to:

  • Have selected competencies in industry 4.0 and smart factory processes and complete the
    readiness assessment.
  • Have the right skill to implement industry 4.0 and smart factory technology to improve current
  • Enable participants to fully integrate OT and IT environment. Close the gap between
    mechatronics and software development.
  • For SMEs in Selangor only
  • For the manufacturing sector, SMEs are defined as firms with sales turnover not exceeding RM50
    million OR number of full-time employees not exceeding 200.
  • For the services and other sectors, SMEs are defined as firms with sales turnover not exceeding RM20
    million OR number of full-time employees not exceeding 75.
  • Ownership : flexible as long it cover the SME criteria
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