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FREE Admission | 27 Feb 2015 | 2.30pm - 5.00pm What is your confidence level? How do you remove butterflies in your stomach while trying to make a presentation? Come over and join us on 27th February.
less than a month ago by | Category: Essential Skills
An opportunity is now available for the PCB industry to get certified in IPC standards for Design (DFM, DFA & DFT). We are pleased to invite interested participants from the ASEAN region to join the PCB Designer Certification IPC PCB Certified / Advanced Certified Interconnect Designer Workshop and Exam in Malaysia and Singapore. For more information about the design certification of PCBs, visit
about a month ago by | Category: Microsystems
Monthly Training Program for Manufacturing and Services Industry | Feb - Mar Listing
about a month ago by | Category: E&E

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