Why Signature Programmes

The SHRDC Signature Programmes enhances the way  companies and its employeeswork by significantly changing andimproving culture and thinking towards being more efficient and productive.

Our Signature Programmes are backed by extensive research and enriched with industry case studies, proven to be effective in  enhancing any organization – from start-ups to expansion to global outreach.

Available to be delivered in both Mandarin and English, the SHRDC Signature Programms can be customized for any group size or private-taught.

The Programmes

Kotter is a leading Strategy Execution and Change Management Programme that helps organisations and employees strategically manage their change and leadership to keep up with rapid market and technology developments.

Kotter works together with your employees, instead of working for. This proven method was named a 2017 Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Leading Positive Change teaches and trains by way of parable. The story of  Spark the Frog whose orange spots increases in appearance every time he makes a positive change in his life provides positive encouragements towards being and staying positive.

Also known as Orange Frog – Happiness Advantage, it is experiential workshop that teaches the science of sustainable peak performance by applying the latest research-based techniques derived from positive psychology.

The de Bono Thinking Systems® are in the business of changing the way businesses think. This programme will teach you and your team how to make the best decision in an effective manner.

Learn about the six different hats that are used to achieve your goals so the right solution can be achieved quickly under the same vision.

Think on Your Feet is “the only workshop that trains you to analyse, organise and present your ideas…FAST!”

Every session considers your real work challenges and training goals to help you communicate effectively therefore saving your company time, costly errors and build stronger dynamics.

Businesses today need to open doors they didn’t even know existed. The programme helps achieve Creative Thinking through Lateral Thinking.

This stems from the idea that Creative Thinking is not a talent, rather a skill that can be learned and can empower anyone towards achieving their creative potential.



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