SHRDC 29th Anniversary Give-back

SHRDC 29th Anniversary Give-back

February 14th marks SHRDC’s 29th anniversary in our journey towards transformation through training – and we’ve been able to make it this far with all of you with us!

SHRDC was set up to become enablers that would produce highly skilled professionals in accordance with the technological needs of industries and organisational partners. Since our inception, our mission remains as our core.

With the recent hit of the pandemic in 2020, we stand by the belief that change is the only constant; and here at SHRDC, not only do we run with the change , but we activate change. We work tirelessly to seek better ways of doing thing, to improve and to surpass expectations. We believe that innovation is a fundamental element in getting and staying ahead of the game.

The Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 (MSF4.0) is SHRDC’s technological flagship in affording just that – change, innovate, and impact. Adapting to this change, SHRDC has begun transforming our training and certification into a virtual model. As of this date, we’ve conducted virtual certification for SEDA GCPV Systems Design, Footwear Design, and are transforming all of our Malaysian Smart Factory programs and soft skill flagship programs.

As we reflect on our 29 years here, we would like to once again thank everyone for being with us throughout this journey. May 2021 be a prosperous year for all and we hope to see our partnership grow even more.

Thank You !

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