Malaysian Smart Factory (MSF) 4.0


The Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 (MSF 4.0) is an inaugural collaboration between SHRDC and Swiss Smart Factory (SSF), with the objective of introducing outstanding Smart Factory competencies to Malaysia. MSF 4.0 will provide hands on teaching, learning, and demonstration through a smart factory focusing on the topics of Digitization and Industry 4.0. It will offer world class training and further education courses designed to help companies and their employees access the digital economy and apply Industry 4.0 technologies to their operations.

SSF is the first Swiss testing and demonstration factory focusing on the topic of Industry 4.0, for development and showcasing of applications and business models for the digitized factories of the future. It offers a platform for multi-disciplinary collaborations between industry, researchers and government to actively promote digital transformation.

Key Objectives

The objectives of MSF 4.0 are:
  • Talent development: To create and manage talent ecosystems for training and development in tandem with technology advancement
  • Proof of concept: To make available a viable and sustained platform for proof of concept projects for industry
  • Centre of Excellence for Malaysian Smart Factory: To showcase best practices for sharing of knowledge and technology to promote digital transformation
  • Live demonstrator: Smart Factory infrastructure at SHRDC Shah Alam for testing and live demonstrations
The key components of MSF 4.0 and their definitions are:
Operational Technologies (OT) 
  • Smart Factory: Integrated system that combines Operational Technologies, Information Tecnology and Digital Factory
  • Cyber-Physical Distribution System: Merging of physical and virtual world into an integrated distribution system with feedback loops from physical process to controller
Information Systems & Technology (IT)
  • Cloud Based Services: Applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from cloud server
  • Big Data Analytics: Process of examining large and varied data sets
  • Smart Operation Technology: Autonomous operation based on closed loop control, energy efficiency, and networking capabilities
Digital Factory (DF)
  • Digital Twin: Digital replica/duplicate of physical assets, processes and systems. A ‘living’ digital simulation model where it can be used for various purposes. 
  • Digital Product Memory: Collection of information pertaining individual product from the moment of inception until it reaches the end consumer

Certification Framework

SHRDC has developed a contextualized model based on the SSF certification framework to address local industry needs.

Participants will acquire the Malaysian-Swiss Smart Factory Certified Engineer certification when they meet the requirements for each level.

Training is compulsory for all three components (OT, IT and DF). Theoretical and practical examinations are applied to ensure that standard requirements for each competency are achieved

The MSF 4.0 Talent Consortium

The operating model for MSF 4.0 and the stakeholders will consist of
  • Swiss Smart Factory as strategic partner and advisor
  • SHRDC as consortium manager and key talent developer
  • Participating Government agencies for policy and funding advice
  • Multinational manufacturers operating in Malaysia
  • Small and medium sized enterprises that specializes in manufacturing
  • Institutions of higher learning
  • Industry 4.0 solution providers
  • Global network of smart factories through SSF
Download Talent Consortium survey and participation form here

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Download Talent Consortium survey and participation form here


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