MOST Work Measurement for Lean Solutions


MOST Work Measurement for Lean Solutions
MOST® Work Measurement for Process Redesign Product/ Equipment Re engineering & Workflow Improvement.
MOST® is a proprietary product Accenture LLP (H.B. Maynard & Co., USA) – 4 Days Certified Training with International License


Who Should Attend & Their Objective Applications – Almost Everyone In Manufacturing Can Benefit From MOST® Application

  1. Industrial Engineers who are responsible for developing workflow layout improvement and development of standard work and cycle time …. And ergonomics improvement
  2. Process Engineers who are developing the best method of work sequence for operators working with tools, process sequences, machine operations and determining opportunity for self inspection
  3. Manufacturing engineers who are seeking improvement to design of tooling fixtures, jigs, conveyor best speed as well as part design to ease assembly work
  4. R & D engineers who are designing new products and who want to know how their design will impact on assembly work and how best to design a product to reduce manufacturing cycle time
  5. Procurement engineers and value engineers who are seeking cost reduction for their parts manufacturing by out-sourcing – They will be equipped with a powerful tool to re-design their suppliers’ facilities
  6. All manufacturing personnel who are involved in Kaizen, Set-up Reduction and development of standard work to train the operators to achieve quality performance
  7. Quality engineers who need to know how to develop inspection methods, with all kind of gages and measurement instrument and set appropriate inspection time for the operation. Quality engineers who enrolled on this course will learn for the first time the Theory of Inspection and how the 4 type of inspection effects inspection time.
  8. Lean Implementers will have the best tool to balance cycle time for One-Piece Flow Design


  • Get certified now from HB Maynard using the world most renowned technique..... MOST® Work® Measurement for Process Design, Workflow layout Design, Equipment Design and Product Design.... and Standard Work Development. This is an application based training to help the manufacturing personnel and service engineering personnel as well as administrative system personnel apply the assessment technique to design improvement needed for their production and administrative system to flow at the PITCH TIME to achieve DELIVERY TO TAKT TIME.
  • To assess your current production system for achieving LEAN WORKFLOW SYSTEM and total ELIMINATION OF WASTE ... in work processes, product design, workflow layout and equipment / tooling design.
  • Using MOST® technique is the best way to get your company to get ahead to DESIGN PROCESS FLOW RIGHT THE FIRST TIME..... and to continue to use MOST® for support all your KAIZEN activities for reduced setup time and continuous improvement......
  • MOST® Certified Training ensures you are provided with the application know-how to HELP YOUR COMPANIES REDUCE COST in many ways........ HB Maynard of USA international team of experts will provide the training and ensure you become qualified ...... and licensed to apply the MOST® system...


Structured Activities – Lecture, Assessment and Case studies


4 days


Duration 4 days
Member Fee RM 5,194.00
Non-Member Fee RM 5,194.00
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