Module 1 : Cyber Physical System (CPS) based Automation

Module 1
Cyber Physical System (CPS) based Automation
  • Introduction to the topic CPS and distributed automation (including RAMI 4.0)
  • Work with local variables, definition of interfaces, assignment of interfaces, IEC functional components as local variables, multi-instances.
  • Analysis of the overall function and structure of CPS-based automation systems
  • Modularization of an overall function and description of sub-functions of CPS-based automation systems.
  • Description of interfaces of CPS-based automation systems
  • Programming and interconnecting sub-functions in conventional programming language
  • Testing sub-functions with conventional programming languages
  • Programming and interconnecting sub-functions with object-based programming languages
  • Testing sub-functions with object-based programming languages
Upon completing this module, participants will be able to:
  1. Use latest programming standards with distributed automation applications following the CPS paradigm. Both with local as well as distributed intelligence.
  2. Analyze an overall function dividing it into encapsulated - modularized- sub-functions of CPS.
  3. Identify the importance on a logical interface concept.
  4. Implement the subtasks (sub-functions) using appropriate means, including both hardware and software. He/she uses the right software tools and programming language.A test concept provides support for checking the functionality of the sub-functions.  


Duration 5 days
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