Essential Skills​

AT SHRDC we believe that the key to effective & efficient teams is a combination of great interpersonal and communication skills, good management and leadership at all levels. SHRDC Essential Skills is a series of training programs designed based on that principle, providing a range of soft skills courses to support maximum productivity and nurture effective leadership


SHRDC's ICT courses are developed to support the current demand for high-end and niche ICT skills towards an ICT competent workforce. SHRDC offers a range of short and longer term courses from entry level to advanced level, catering to current and new industry professionals who aims to sharpen their ICT skills and acquire ICT knowledge in new and emerging technologies.

Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0

The Malaysian Smart Factory 4.0 (MSF 4.0) is an inaugural collaboration between SHRDC and Swiss Smart Factory (SSF), with the objective of introducing outstanding Smart Factory competencies to Malaysia

Manufacturing Technology

SHRDC offers competency based training in E&E and industrial automation certification programs towards an innovation-driven, industrialized Malaysian economy.


The Microsystems Technology Business Unit provides training for specialised integrated circuit (IC) designers in the semiconductor industry largely responsible for the design and manufacture of PCB (Printed Circuit Boards), IC (Integrated Circuit), IC Packaging Design and Characterization as well as IC Testing and Instrumentation.

Solar Photovoltaic

SHRDC is one of the leading providers tasked by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) to offer skills training and development in the area of solar photovoltaic, to support the promotion of Green Energy in Malaysia. Explore our comprehensive range of courses designed to support the solar PV industry

Signature Programme

The SHRDC Signature Programmes enhances the way companies and its employees work by significantly changing and improving culture and thinking towards being more efficient and productive. Our Signature Programmes are backed by extensive research and enriched with industry case studies, proven to be effective in enhancing any organization – from start-ups to expansion to global outreach. Available to be delivered in both Mandarin and English, the SHRDC Signature Programms can be customized for any group size or private-taught.

*subject to availability of trainers and course content

We will provide course outline and detailed information upon request.

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